in the works: country club charm

Imagine driving down a quiet lane with spring green golf course grass stretching out on either side of the street {you can practically hear golfers exhaling joyously right?} This was the blissful approach to a new client's home earlier this week. I felt the familiar tug of the driving range but it was quickly forgotten when my new client showed me her home.

She is midway through a kitchen remodel and needs a few finishing touches to bring it all together. Any designer would like to be involved from the beginning of a project but I'm happy to help with the details. After all, those are what really make a room shine.
The walls are painted a fantastic Sherwin Williams Ryegrass, with dark alder cabinetry and a giant white brick fireplace flanking the south wall with bookshelves and work space for the kids to do homework.

Stretching from the front to back of the home, there is plenty of room for a giant dining table to be custom made by our woodworking geniuses. With room to spare at the west end of the room for a funky red leather sofa and some comfy reading chairs tucked into what used to be the breakfast nook.

The result: Country chic with old charm and eclectic whimsy.
I searched high and low for the right fabric for the window treatments. It couldn't be serious or bland. It needed some black and it definitely needed a lot of color. I love asking a lot of my fabric but I never fall in love with it too soon because I've learned no matter how much I want to invite it over for cupcakes, my client has to love it too. This picture really doesn't do it justice. It is vibrant, cool, unpretentious.
I'll find out on Monday if her heart beats a little faster when she sees this beauty from Stoheim and Romann. It's discontinued with just enough left for us to work magic if it grabs at her heart too.
I like candles in the kitchen. Especially in any kind of glass vase or hurricane. Clean and classic and adds that special touch at meals if you choose that romantic route. {why not?!}
And surprisingly, if having fresh flowers around isn't an option, I'm starting to be swayed by the option to have a preserved arrangement around for color and texture. I'm not saying just any one would do, I'm ultra picky when it comes to that kind of thing. I've never been keen on the fake stuff, but these are quite nice.
A globe in the kitchen nook with the red sofa and reading chairs would be a fun, unexpected item. Just think of the conversations started by thoughts on travel, adventure and the great unknown.


  1. Yummy! It all sounds so wonderful, especially the funky red leather sofa. I like red leather and I like the way the leather smells. Mmmmm.

    Come over to my house with your candles and globe. I'll meet you at the door.

  2. I pulled some upholstery fabric swatches out of a recycling event today and sewed them up to make some fabulous accent pillows in my newly painted sitting room. You won't catch me passing up a free fabric opportunity.

  3. Beautiful. I need to go put some more candles in my kitchen.