sundays are my favorite day of the week. A fresh start, new beginnings, and time to rest.
this picture reminds me of my dad's mom. I've been thinking about her lately. Her favorite color was orange. I like that I think of her whenever I see a certain shade of that happy color.
Both my grandma's are neat ladies. I watched my mom's mom today framed by spring sunshine laugh about something and it made me smile just being in her presence. I asked her if she had any 'dangly' earrings I could borrow and so we went on a quest through her little boxes stashed here and there full of her treasures. I like hanging with her.
family is good. life is good.


  1. Grandma does have awesome treasures. Danielle and I had fun going through her sewing room when we were there last June. My suitcase went home heavier than when I came. I just wish I could be there during apricot season.

  2. Grandma, herself, is a treasure box. As far as she is concerned, though, her family is her treasure box and you are one of her trinkets all shiny and wonderful.