on my mind

the other day I poured dish soap on my waffles. Today I put my soup in the microwave and when it beeped I opened the fridge to grab it.
I'm distracted. I'm awake before the sun with wandering thoughts about
photovoltaic power and containers. {images aren't mine - I wish the yellowpod was tho}

I recently went to a birthday party and left after a short bit because try as I might, I couldn't carry on a conversation worth a hill of beans. I was still wrapped around my projects. No sense in being socially awkward so I left before I did too much more damage to my already sagging social status. "Where the heck have you been hiding?" seems to be the question of the day.

I do think the madness is a passing thing. {Isn't that what all crazy people think to themselves?}


  1. You sound like a college student with serious 'senioritis'. This, too, will pass.

  2. All you have to do is stand in the middle of the party and go "Rainman" - "containers are good, containers are good..."

    I poured OJ in my cereal once. But dishsoap? That's not even salvageable.