inspired by: moroccan

working on a project for my portfolio and thought I'd spice it up with a little Moroccan flair. Love the romantic lines and the vivid colors. My color pallet won't be as bold, but the lines...oh, the pretty, pretty lines.

if you haven't already noticed, blogging has been one of the things I've had to scale back on while I work on my portfolio. Graduation for design students means a giant {behemoth} portfolio review the week before we actually walk across that stage to get that rolled up piece of paper. That little paper doesn't seem to signify as much to me as the event. Where is the accomplishment in that compared to the portfolio event?

I mean, it's only a visual representation of everything I've learned. What is the big deal right? So wrong. If I've discovered anything about myself going to school this time around it's that my 'critical designer eye' is razor sharp and doesn't give much room to wiggle around in a comfortable half baked way of approaching something. It's all or nothing baby. Portfolio has been a murmured word among my design friends for nearly as long as we've been friends. Just saying it makes us tense up and ask all kinds of questions about ourselves. It has even been banned from conversation at times so that it can recede to the corners of our minds to skitter around as we try to ignore it and have a real life.

breathe. At times I really do have to sit quietly and just breathe. Yoga is still one of my dearest friends and I try to keep a check on reality.
Quite honestly, I enjoy the pressure. It is a great kind of stress. I revel in it. I worry about what I'll do without it keeping me company day and night.

Isn't this the prettiest plate? If I could, I'd stop eating lunch out of the container it came in right this second. I might put a dab of the hummus right next to the cracked pepper and olive oil triscuits and have a meal like a grown up.
Nope, gotta run!


  1. Now you are serving up EXOTIC with a dash of dare. Love the bedroom for its serenity and then the punch of scarlet and the riot on the carpet. While you are lying in bed wanting to go to sleep the coolness of the walls and ceiling encourage slumber. In the morning as you swing your legs over the side of the bed the hectic carpet gets you energized and running. Great Goodies!

  2. Such pretty rooms. I know what you mean about Portfolio My friend graduated from LDSBC a couple of years ago, spent hours and hours and about 400 dollars on her portfolio which now sits on her bookshelf collecting dust. I'm trying to find the balance between caring enough and caring too much. Either way I'll be so happy when it's over.

  3. I would love to curl up on the bed in that first bedroom and read a nice book while eating truffles.

  4. Love the plate - but I'd put chocolate covered strawberries on it instead of hummus and crackers. Just a personal preference.