for all the things

Dear Blog, I miss you. There are so many things I'd like to tell you about, and if it weren't for all the things, I'd have the time to tell you.

In my absence, please water the plants and feed the cat. {Oh how I wish there was a cat to feed.}

In parting, a shameless product plug: Poliform. Now this is my kind of kitchen. My friends and I spent a lovely morning this week interviewing the owner of the showroom in SLC. Love, {LOVE!} Poliform for their European styling and great attention to detail.

PS - if you want to see a video full of fascinating facts, check out the one below. Would love to hear back from you what you think. I watched it twice just to catch it all.


  1. I loved that video miles showed us. Thanks for putting it up on your blog. I'm going to show my husband tonight.

  2. Being a statistician and market researcher I completely agree with the concept of that video. The world used to be money driven but now it is becoming thought driven. A product, brand, show, or politician can be killed off or skyrocketed to success in an instant all based on the virtual conglomeration of opinions.

  3. Anything that is fast and easy....that's what the world wants. And, why not?