times 3 +plus+ a giveaway

I met 3 new challenges today, each so very different from the next. I love that about design - no two projects are ever the same.

The first was a quick request: an invisible way to hang plates from the wall to achieve a more contemporary look in her kitchen. A quick google search and we had the solution. After she left I did another quick search to appease my mind's eye, there is this manic need I feed to see the finished product. Like so many other quick solutions, I never get to see the end result. I give my two cents and they are off to make it their own.

{take a picture and come back and see me, I say this all the time. I don't know if they know how much I mean it. I promise, I'm not just being polite.}
A few of my favorites:

{thank you to this site, and this one too, for the borrowed images}

a huge, very exciting PS: Follow this link to sign up for a fun giveaway from one of my favorite blogs I stalk {6th Street Design School}. So stinkn cute!!


  1. Hanging anything on brick is a real challenge. And when you are tired of the 'look' you cannot putty up the holes and walk away. But the plates against the brick are a great textural effect.

  2. Decorating with plates is so cool. I like the collage effect.

  3. ya i never knew plates could be so cool!! wow, cant wait to see your house in the future when you have your own place to decorate. it will be so bright, fun creative and awesome! get down here again, my turn to take you to dinner:) miss ya

  4. Can't wait to watch you when you have your own home and how many times you change the inside around:) There are just too many of your ideas to be satisfied staying the same............

  5. Weird that Amy and I had the same comment, almost:) I should read all the comments first so I don't repeat them............Oh well:)