1 more wk down..9 to go

until graduation!! Then what?!?

I'm working on my CAD final and was wandering the wide wide web of inspiration for ideas on a cafe included in my floor plan. Luved the exterior of this one, but the inside made me a little claustrophobic. {better in real life I'm sure}

I even found one in a container! My love for containers grows the more I learn about them.

We are meeting w/our new clients today to go over our fabric/paint selections. As I was going through the pics I took at their house & was surprised to find my eyeballs mixed in with their master bath photos. {I picked a really great muted green to play up those tiles and take out some of the pink.}

For a class at school we broke off into teams to visit residential/commercial construction sites. Our team did both this week and I was pleasantly surprised by the bonus tour at Zions Bank headquarters where their monster computers live. Part of my CAD final includes a server room and I was blocking it out w/little knowledge of what needed to go in there. I was especially syked when the Zions guy said he'd show us the behind the scenes stuff. Very helpful and a bonus to my week cutting down on guess work.


  1. I especially like the 'eyes', they are a favorite of mine. Mom

  2. I was just perusing my March issue of AD and now I find your newest design posting. It's my lucky day. One of these days I will find you and your designs in an AD issue. Can't wait!

  3. in answer to your then what? question...could i hire you? i am moving to provo! my husband and i just put an offer on an old (40+year) home on the east bench in provo and i would love to pick your brain about how to go about the remodel. then we could meet in person :)!