inspired by: the federal style

Have you noticed the chairs where the Olympians sit as they chat with the never aging Bob Costas? They look like they are made from velvet and very comfy. I'm distracted by their beauty. The only interview that has held my complete attention was when Evan Lycacheck graciously talked about his gold medal win. {GO USA!! - and the topic of Costas never aging is fodder for another entry some other day.}

The point is, I'll take inspiration wherever I can, and today on George Washington's birthday, I have honed in on the Federal Style. I'm still reading the series of books written about the Revolutionary war and the author has included a lot of great details about the interiors of their homes {how did he know I'd enjoy that so much?}
The fact that the Federal Style came to be as our great country began the struggle to get out from under England's power makes it seem noble and practical to me. It emerged as a less detailed Georgian inspired style and had influences from the discovery of Pompeii.

Isn't it so cool how history & design are so intertwined?

the mix of delft, federal style chairs and bright blue in the room is divine.

Thomas Jefferson built Monticello during this time but chose to do it in the Neoclassical style. {He traveled a lot and was inspired by architects in Europe.} When I visited his home, the North Octagonal Rm was my favorite because of the pretty green wallpaper and the bed tucked into the wall like the one he designed for his room that allowed access into his bedroom and office depending on what side of the bed he got out on.

I love any space in a home that looks like a great place to loaf around and read a good book. {think: sit Lofey, sit}


  1. Any of those rooms would be welcome in a home of mine.

  2. I love built-in beds. There's something so whimsical and cozy about them. It's like hiding under the table when we were kids - anything that feels like a fort is awesome!

  3. I just love your posts!! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful ideas. ... And you write so well!! Still waiting for you to write a book. I'll buy it. In fact I'll buy a bunch.
    Love, pbpb

  4. The beds in your post make me think of the cozy ones on the Comfort. Climb in, pull the curtains and rock to sleep. Mom

  5. The Federalist style is one of my favorites. So much of it is found around here, what with this state being the home of Mt Vernon and Montecello. I especially like the Federalist mirrors.

  6. I have all ways loved those built in beds but what a pain I would think they are to make, I would guess my love for them would win over.