expect the unexpected

I spent the weekend in Driggs, ID of all places. I didn't know anything about the place but '20 minutes from Jackson Hole' was mentioned and I started envisioning a snowy paradise. My daydreams were almost as good as the real deal.
The photo above is the view from the cabin. To see more, check out this site that shows off pictures taken every 15 minutes by a web cam on the back porch. I'd have one set up too if my backyard looked out on the Tetons.

Saturday afternoon we wandered around Jackson enjoying the sunshine, galleries and the each others company. Now might be the appropriate time to slip in the fact that Lorri and I were w/strangers and they turned out to be delightful. This wasn't the original plan, the person who invited us ended up bailing out but told us we were more than welcome to still go. Why not. As with most things in life, the unexpected usually turns out to be even better than the best laid plans.

lorri and I went snowshoeing and after awhile she decided to head back to the car. I continued on for a bit more wanting to see what was 'just up around there' {my usual sentiments while exploring}. I was just about to turn around after taking this picture when I caught movement in the trees. Two moose were right there watching me!

As always, I was addicted to collecting images of color. I loved all the white on white and more white on top of that. Beautiful.


  1. "I look like a moose."
    "Yes, but a very lovely moose. Make all the boy moose go MWAAAA!"

  2. Your last photo looks like an incredible accent wall. The moose, not so much.

  3. I'm with Vicki love the last picture but the crisp blue skies were beautiful.

  4. I love all of the pictures!! AS USUAL!! Fun to snowshoe....I guess we need to dust off our bones and go again:)