cupid's fallout

cupid must be working overtime bc I'm already in the mood for red, pink and all things hearts. I pulled out all my scrap paper and went to town.

Peppermints and polka dots. My other candy dish is loaded up with Aussie style black licorice - my new fav. {but it wasn't as pretty}

I can't think of anything nicer to wake up to than fresh flowers. {well, maybe breakfast in bed or a blank day to fill as I please...} but tulips while it snows outside? I love it!

I've been looking for art for a client for awhile now. It has to speak to her, as all art should. She hasn't seen this beauty by James Christensen and I like it so much I am half hoping she isn't feeling it. I've hung it in my room and it is a gem. It isn't even my usual style, I don't normally like things so ornate. I was surprised by how strongly I felt about it tho. I found it in a great little consignment shop {Home Again} and couldn't put it down.


  1. You might be able to make the print feel more your style by changing out the matte and frame to something more your style. I like fresh flowers, too! But I keep mine in the kitchen around the sink. It cheers up a generally dreary chore!

  2. I think the girl in the painting reminds me of you. Love all your love decor.

  3. James Christensen is one of my favorite artists. I love all of his work....the more ornate, the better Maybe I should put up some red hearts and tulips in my house to cheer up the pristine, silent wintery feel. Thanks for the mood changer.

  4. I TOTALLY LOVE Aussie licorice!! I also love the hearts in the basement window. Thank goodness SOMEONE in our house loves to decorate!

  5. "you might also like" a boring life, such as ours!!! Really!!!
    We are the ones suppose to be having fun!!!!
    wow! So I don't check it for a day, and this is what I get!!!
    Love the resort ice castle, and snowshoeing? F-U-N!
    THe spare bed is ready!!!
    about the blog, make it about YOU!!
    I can't see you in the flesh, where else am I suppose to go?