TheTownhome Project

My newest after hours design project is going to be a fun break from my female clients.
The client: Mr. O. stockbroker/photographer
The challenge: Bachelor pad with some great existing style ready to take the plunge from 'almost there' to 'Dude... Wow.'

The entrance and staircase are going to set the stage with inviting color and a display of personal photography that will lead up the stairs where a display of artistically placed mirrors will make you wonder what treasures are in store around the next corner.

The color scheme is up in the air at this point. We are going to find the perfect rug to go under his counter height table and from there create a scheme that will be modern, happy and fun.
{2010 color trends are all about emotion: happiness, relaxing, enjoying life. I've usually shied away from trends when it comes to picking paint, but with one based on personal tastes that lend to good emotion? Seems like a trend to follow.}

Accessories will be minimal and selected for color and interest. Going with the modern look he wants, and my belief that less is better, it will be easy to achieve it here since there will be plenty going on with a mix of color/texture and photography from his travels. Nothing better than exploiting talents to create the most unique designs. And it will mean so much more to him to have his own work displayed rather than a lot of 'stuff' hanging around begging for attention. {and dusting}

A roommate has taken care of the furniture for now with lots of black leather. Working with them we'll break it up with well placed splashes of color on the walls, pillows, and artwork.
Because of the limited space, when he gets furniture my advice was to select a sofa with exposed legs to create the illusion of more space and to also go with lighter materials because dark colors have more weight making them visual space suckers.

When I'm working on concepts I let my imagination run free, then par down as I go. I thought this table rocked! It'd be perfect in a guy's place, and it looks easy to make. Directions can be found here. The design comes from a class called 'How to make crappy stuff awesome'. Great class. I want to go.

over a fist full of cookie dough we came up with a great plan for the place, I'll keep you posted.


  1. I am jealous. I need you to come figure my place out. I am thinking gold walls A light gold to go with my pillows and green/gold curtains. i don't know how you decide. i will probably go bald by the end of this

  2. Crappy stuff awesome? That could make my whole house rock!

  3. How much fun...an artist for a client. You will have magic to work magic with. His new look will be intensely personal and meaningful as he is surrounded with his own talents instead of buying someone else's. Enjoy the process, and take lots of photos.

  4. I'll trade you tax work for some foyer design:)!! Maybe new lighting.....and I need some help once again replacing your items above my cupboards now that I FINALLY got my Christmas stuff down:) PRETTY PLEASE:)

    What are they using for the table's legs????