a lately list

it has been WAY too long since I've done a loving lately list.

first up: just got word that my friend Carter in Haiti is OK. Answered prayers are high on my loving lately list. This guy was an inspiration to me as we talked about his school and the dreams he has of educating his people so they can succeed.
Next: Missy Higgins. Her music reaches my soul. I sing like a cat, she sings what I would if I could. Sometimes her Australian accents sneaks out and I like that too. +plus+ her style is fantastic.

third: shopping for The Dress. The dress is really just a dress that I have monumentally built up in my imagination and I'm sure it doesn't actually exist in nature. I'm just looking for something cute and won't settle for anything but. This one was so, so close. {looks better without the nasty florescent lighting -why do they do that to dressing rooms?!} If only there were a few more inches to the hem to cover up my 'spidery long legs' {name that movie and get a gold star!}.

lastly: spicy hummus. I'm hooked. I stayed with a friend this weekend,it was an exotic vacation to South Jordan {half hour south from where I live} and we ate all kinds of yummy healthy stuff all weekend.

a shameless plug: Red Mango Yogurt. Real frozen yogurt with a plethora of goodies to put on top. I just got hungry thinking about it. And under 90 carbs a serving?


  1. I would kill for long, spidery legs like yours. If I had your legs(and were your age) I would wear the miniest mini ever.

  2. red mango is my fave.

    Pretty Woman?

  3. I don't know the movie quote! Darn it.

    Red Mango sounds super yummy. We don't have a cool fro/yo place out east.

    I like your list and your photos!

  4. that dress reminds me of this one on shabbyapple that i have been coveting


    take a peek.

  5. I love shabby apple Devry!