Project: Fun Front Rm

Heidi is a super fun, energetic client with a desire to branch out from her traditional style and spice things up with{you guessed it}color and pattern. She has been surprising herself with the things she is drawn to, but is a little hesitant to let loose and have fun w/it all. It really can be daunting to do something new right? I'm her biggest fan because her eye for style is great and her ideas will work, if she dares. I'm there to give her the encouragement to go for it!

With the sofa on order and the new chairs hanging around looking gorgeous, we are now on the hunt for great accessories. The thing I love about this room is the natural light and the neutral color scheme that will be fun to play with as the seasons change. Very classy, but it won't have that hands off vibe most front rooms snub you with as you tip toe by so as not to disturb their grace.


  1. Love the painted furniture look. So trendy and yet so time-proven, kind of Scandanavian in feel.

    The paintings on her accent wall look like Rix originals. Lucky woman.

  2. I love the color scheme as well. Very welcoming and fun. I like the pops of red on the more neutral background.

  3. I just want to live in one of your paintings!!