happiness and cheer

{Adrienne, me, Lorri & Christi}
We celebrated the end of the semester this week, and the much needed break from the schedule we all have a love/hate relationship with. It is so much work, but even when we are tired and can't wait to get a break, we find ourselves still talking about it. These girls have made the experience for me so much more than I ever hoped it could be. Way more than just design. I couldn't have fallen in with a better group of people.

The guys. Ryan, Bry, Sunny, hanging while we chatted and cooked Lorri's curry. I love cooking. And I love it even more when I don't have to do the dishes. {thnx guys}

here's to one more semester to go! And a month off to catch up on life before it begins!!


  1. Looks like we need to put another couch down there! It sounded like you guys were having loads of fun though!

  2. I have a feeling that this coming year will be a major happening for you. College graduation will certainly be a biggie. I'm proud of you. And your apartment looks terrific. Merry Christmas.

  3. I wish I could have celebrated the holidays with you, girl! Much love.