this again

Making: room for our subletters and giant heaps of things for a yard sale this weekend  
Cooking: my second batch of curry in two weeks.  Because I have a bag of potatoes going wilty in a hurry.
Drinking: water infused with basil and cucumber
Reading: his emails.  Rinse/repeat/rereading his emails.
Wanting: my 'want' list to vanish.  Just stop it already.  I don't need more grey tee shirts.
Looking: forward to Saturday.  Come home already.
Playing: in the garden.  I'm killing everything in sight, but it sure is fun.
Wasting: nothing.  I've never been a waster of things.  Scrappy.
Sewing: or not sewing.  I'm more of a witch stitch kind of girl.
Wishing: on kitty whiskers.
Enjoying: missing him.  I know, it's weird.  I wouldn't have chosen to do it in the first place and if I get my way we'll never do it again.  But you know, making lemonade and all that.
Waiting: for the summer to really begin. It starts as soon as he steps off that plane.
Liking: waking up early, puttering about in the sunlight, long bike rides up the canyon, packing, planting, painting.. So really, all things that make the time pass just a little faster.
Wondering: why May has been the loooongest month of the year.
Loving: more and more.  It's true what they say about the more you love the more capacity you have to love all the more.
Hoping: I never let memories go un-made.
Marveling: at how this man walked into my life a little over a year ago and all the change that has happened since.
Needing: nothing.  Absolutely not a thing.
Smelling: intoxicating summer smells.  My bloodhound tendencies have been on overload.  Watermelon. Fresh cut grass. Lavender lotion. Cool river smells.  And other lovely scents floating in through the open window on the a faint breeze.
Wearing: his button down shirts around the house.
Following: my heart.
Noticing: that I have 3 more days of work and it comes with a tinge of bittersweet. Those thoughts are followed by bossier thoughts of impending adventure and wondering what will come next.  I can't help it, I'm an adventure nut.
Knowing: it will fly by fast no matter how I try to draw it out.  Why wouldn't it fly by?  Last time I blinked it was a year ago.
Thinking: in the abstract is fun.  Blending lists and stream of thought?  I like it.
Bookmarking: things to do this summer.  Places to explore, roads to go down, adventures to be had.
Opening: myself up to possibilities.  'Can't' isn't in my vocab right now.
Feeling:  incomplete.  In a really good way.  Incomplete because he isn't here.  Incomplete because I'm not done becoming.  Incomplete because there is so much living to be done.
Giggling: at Vesper. She's a funny cat.


  1. I love your thoughts. So soothing on a day like this. I hope you're well. Your feed just starting popping up on my bloglovin again. I'm excited to catch up.

  2. And then there is your upcoming summer east of the Mississippi to anticipate. Your life is full of magic. See you in ten days.

  3. Too fast. It all goes by TOO fast.