I thought that lone magnolia was a baby owl when I saw it early one morning this week.  I didn't think that tree would ever bloom, our climate just isn't right for that kind of delicate flower.  It lasted all of a day and a half before the summer sun scorched it.
Sad for the flower, good for the summer lovers.  Which I definitely would lump myself in with.  The hotter, the better.  Makes me want to climb up on a rock and get in touch with my inner lizard.  Oh sick.  Some things just sound better in my head than they do in text.  

My dear brother had a birthday this week which lead me to go in search of a photo of him so I could see his face while I missed him and sent him bday wishes from across the ocean.  That search lead me to a post on the old blog, Sushicat, where I found an entry about a trip we took to Seattle a few years back for my grandpa's memorial.  It was a wonderful visit filled with stories and memories shared about a man we all loved for so many reasons.  Ben has many of the qualities our grandpa had.  He is caring, loves his family with his whole heart, and plays a mean game of bottle pool.  I'm so blessed to his little {bluff} sister.
 Other highlights other than celebrating my big brother:

 A picnic in the park including perfect summer food, a great book of poems that made us laugh, and one very wonderful human I like whole a lot.

A Saturday so full of perfection it could make other Saturday's feel bad about themselves if it were one to brag.  A fast bike ride up to Ensign Peak, painting in my sunshiny corner, wandering the farmer's market holding hands and feeling completely content in that golden afternoon light, running errands, being stuck in a traffic jam in a pretty canyon, and spending an evening in Midway where we both have a lot of really great memories from growing up.  It made me miss our family cabin in the mountains of Heber so much I could almost smell the dust, jolly ranchers, and bacon and the long forgotten details were vivid in my memories as I fell asleep that night.

Countless happy simple moments where I've wondered how my reality came to match my dreams so seamlessly.

Dinner with my 'design friends' this week.  I should come up with another name for these three ladies, or maybe not.  Since design is what brought us together, but it most certainly isn't what has kept us close over the years.  For not having any sisters until one very awesome {but very far away} Kwona came along, I have an abundance of friends who might as well be.

And other things too.  But it's time for the weekend and I'm ready for some sunshine.


  1. More is better than less because if there's more less stuff, then you might want to have some more. But then, your parents won't let you because there's only a little. If you really like something, you'll want more of it.
    We want more,We want more, Like, you really like it, ya want more.
    Catch My Drift?:)

  2. Michele, you really ave those commercials memorized! Impressive. Jenna, since you are a summer -loving, southern Utah type of gal, you are really going to enjoy this coming week of heat drenching weather. Scorcher, scorcher.

  3. Abq is the place for you, my lizard friend!
    I hope this weekend is just as good!!
    Your details of the cabin were to die for.

  4. I love the angle you captured of the church it is beautiful.

  5. I love seeing your pictures and reading your reflections. Even if you have an inner lizard. :)

  6. Miles often reminisces about the cabin. He wishes so much it were still there and open for new memories to be made.