I'm not feeling all that much like writing it out this afternoon.  I'd rather be out enjoying the mild gray day while continuing the hunt for that perfect spot to call home.  This not knowing where I'm going to call home has some intrigue attached as I imagine living in a myriad of places.  Will I be in a converted historic Victorian with funky old tile?  Or on the 3rd floor with an elevator and a view of the city?  Or a sleek little art space almost on the wrong side of the tracks?  Or maybe up in the foothills in a place without much architectural appeal, but great access to the canyon roads to ride?  Each has its perks and while I've seen some real dumps the past week, the search has taken on the thrill of a treasure hunt for that perfect gem.

Other than stalking craigslist, I've been working simultaneously on a few different projects that are stretching me in all the right ways artistically.  While I find it theraputic and fun to paint for myself, it's another kind of thrill to paint for someone else.  I used to do it regularly in St. George and it became second nature almost.  But now?  The pressure is a mix of good and bad.  Mostly good though.

I'm excited to see where that gigantic 6' x 4' blank canvas and I will go this weekend. 

Faith is a power through which we can cause things to happen.

I have been repeating this to myself the last few weeks as a type of mantra. I'm still wrapping my head around the full meaning of the phrase.  It's empowering.  Think about it.  With the state of mind that would allow this kind of faith has endless potential.


  1. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect place to move. GOod luck in your search.

  2. It will be fun to see what you finally pick and the transformation that follows.

  3. Wherever you decide to settle in will instantly become fabulous through your artistic touch. I'm eager to see the end result.

  4. holy huge canvas! can't wait to see what you decide!