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 My week started out with one of the very best concerts {if not The Best}of my life thus far.  Brandi Carlisle came to town and since the days leading up to it where a barely controlled never ending list of things to get done I sent out a text hours before the show to see if I had any friends out there who would actually enjoy the concert.  Rather than see it as another obligation on a list of things to get done.
No takers that last minute, and not willing to blow the forty bucks I spent on the ticket, I showed up thinking I'd duck out early after getting my money's worth.
That thought left my mind almost as soon as she played the first note.  It was 10 o'clock on a Friday night and as she welcomed us to the concert she said to leave the week behind and just be there. Enjoy the moment to the fullest.  And I surprised myself when I actually did.  If I had to pick any one reoccurring thing I've struggled with in my life, it would be exactly that.   Be in the moment.  Without thinking of the next one following, or the next after that.  Roll that in with my other really fun struggle in life {patience}and I should stamp that advice somewhere I can see it daily.

The rest of the week was filled with many more great moments to be present for:
games at The Awesome's Saturday night
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert Sunday morning with my parents and RC1
RC1's friends Christmas party Monday night with my man playing his guitar and singing. {so handsome!}
My company lunch Tuesday afternoon followed by playing {boss approved}hookie with RC1.  We got some Christmas shopping done and went to a matinee.
Tuesday evening was spent with my mom and grandma while they popped popcorn for goodies for the neighbors and then we rummaged through grandma's old dresses in the basement.  I tried on a few and she asked me to go show grandpa.  He lit up and chuckled when he saw one from the 50's he had bought for her as a gift. He is such a quiet and reserved man, but I see glimpses into his tender heart when he looks at my grandma.  He bought some kimchi for me at the commissary this week and it made my day to know he thought of me when he saw something he knew I would love.
Great conversations followed by dinner with friends Wednesday night
Spending time with The Awesome's Thursday night.  Grandma and I opened a couple of her gifts {to secure our places on the naughty list} then re-wrapped them.

And then all the fun moments came to screeching halt early Friday morning when a mean little flu bug came to visit me and the next 24 hours were spent laying around wondering if I'd ever stop feeling like a shivering, dried up gutter leaf.
I rallied a bit yesterday and drove to St. George fueled by the happy thought that at the end of the long drive my mom and her special Mom's Touch would be waiting for me.  There's nothing better than my mom when I'm sick. And even though it's bittersweet because plans changed and RC1 stayed home to avoid getting sick, I'm really glad to be home with my parents for Christmas.  
Even if my heart aches a little bit missing him.
Luke 12: 7  But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

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  1. That concert was amazing!

    Glad you got to spend Christmas with your parents, even if it was with the flu and without a certain someone.