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Before I get to this week's mussings:  Ben is NOT going to Afghanistan after all.  Prayers were definitely answered.  
I have an urge to edit or apologize for last week's vague emotional ramblings.  But opening this little window into my life goes along with a thread of thought I've been tugging on since my painting class last Saturday.  

A guest artist talked to us about his inspiring show hanging at Nox Contemporary right now.  His focus recently has been aerial 36' sq mile landscapes of the west.  He talked about how early surveyors created large grids all across the country.  Guidelines for how the land would be sculpted into cities or parceled off and sold. He talked about how even the smallest trail created by one man could impact his surroundings and leave a lasting mark long after he moved on.  If others chose to follow him, his path could develop into something much bigger than just one man out exploring.

I like the imagery of this.  How we're all making individual and discernible trails in our lives.  Leaving our mark on the people and places we touch.  Landscape is one way to share what we see along the way and whether or not we chose to capture it on canvas or just in how we see things, it is a choice what we focus on and really see

blah blah blah.  I really should just stick to raving about the weather.  It's so much easier to try to navigate.
 Highlights from the week:
The phone call from my parents just now with the great news about Ben not having to leave his family behind for a year.

Celebrating RC1's birthday all week long.  
Saturday we surprised him with a dinner party at my house.  I like creating a fun atmosphere, but it is the people that fill it that makes it really magical. 
Then we shot some guns earlier this week with his friends {they know the way to this man's heart}, breakfast yesterday at a new place by the park just the two of us, and dinner with his family last night.  Too many good moments to have a favorite, but I did love hearing his mom tell stories about him, seeing him surrounded by people who love him, and laughing together.  I'm a lucky girl.

Super pretty rainy autumn days.  Could not be more lovely.

The end of a two year calling in my ward.  I can't even begin to list the ways that experience challenged me and enriched my life.
I've had a sob/sigh response to this change.  It starts out with a lump in my throat, then ends as a huge sigh of relief.  It feels good to pass that responsibility on to someone else.
"Like the dessert waiting for the rain."
Norah Jones


  1. I'm so happy he's not going. My heart just went a flutter.

    Leaving callings is so difficult. I loved every calling I had, but there's really only one I miss.

  2. Well, there must be more than just "Ben is not going"! Is the Army giving him his retirement instead? Is he being extended at the DMZ? What? Also, Happy Birthday to RC1. Glad to hear that it has been a lovely week for each of you.