ALT TAB: 18/52

Yesterday I ran into someone I know from the design industry while we were both waiting for our take out lunch orders for presentations.  We chatted about this and that then he handed me his card and was on his way.  Later on as I drove to the Awesome's for our usual Thursday night dinner and cards, it slipped out of my bag and I noticed the back for the first time.  I thought about what 'design is' to me and what I'd write in those blank lines.  Since I took this job, design feels a bit past tense at the moment.  Like the statement should be 'design was...'instead.  I feel like an imposter calling myself a designer when my day to day doesn't include large amounts of it.  Sure, I am dabbling in it all day long behind the scenes helping out in my small way on some really great projects.  But calling the shots, being on site, seeing the way a space can be completely reinvented... well, I obviously miss it more than I'm willing to think about since just writing that created an uncomfortable lump in my throat.  But when I think about making another career change right now it doesn't feel right so I'm where I'm supposed to be.  So my line of thought over the past few weeks/months along the lines about this subject kind of all came together at a stop light yesterday.  

"Design is how I see the world."

That will never change and I found a lot of comfort in knowing that and feeling it to my core.
As mentioned last week, I spent the weekend in St. George and what can I say, I love that desert of mine and wish like crazy I could blend my two worlds together so I could live there but somehow still work downtown.  I wish, if only.

So until I figure that one out, a weekend every now and again will have to do.  The house hunting was a success.  I didn't find the perfect house for Ben and family, but just the fact that he's looking is good enough for me.  I had a great time imagining them living in the various homes, on the same continent, in the same state as me. It made my heart smile.

Saturday was one of those windy days in the desert.  The kind had I lived there would not have planned on for any kind of outdoor fun because I'm not a fan of sand in my eyes.  But having only one day I didn't have the luxury to say, 'another day' so I put on my spandex after a lovely dinner with Amy and rode into the wind on the Snow Canyon State Park.  After the initial wondering about my sanity wore off as the wind threatened to tip me over and chills worked up my arms I had a great time and didn't feel the chill at all once I caught sight of the sun sending shadows through the lava fields onto that gorgeous red sandstone.  I raced faster to get to the entrance of the state park to see it from then vantage point then back towards St. George to see the whole sweeping landscape from the top of the hill.  In true desert fashion as the sun set the wind died down and everything became peaceful and I sped along with my heart pounding more from being in my desert than from racing around on bike.
Below are a few images from another weekend a few weeks ago when I was in CA for work.
Seems like I live for the weekends.  What will this one bring?


  1. How about an old auntie from Virginia?

  2. yes please!!! But shhhh, gpa Awesome might hear you. Oh wait, we're safe on the blog unless he sneaks a peak when he thinks no one is looking? That'd be the day!

  3. Can't wait until the Korean half of the family starts showing up in your weekly photo essays!

  4. So I checked out your blog... fun stuff!!! :)

    Have a fab weekend; they are the best!