within walking distance

It's still a few months before City Creek will open, but talking about it last night with my friends had me excited for it all over again. 
I live within walking distance and have enjoyed watching the progress and look forward to convenient shopping {Nordstrom downtown? heck yes!}
The only downside to the completion?  Having that cranes leave.  I love cranes mixed in with a cityscape.  They inspire me and bring a feeling of change and growth.  This rendering also inspires me, makes me want to pull out my markers or design a retail space.

{images from here}


  1. I worked at a Nordstroms once.

    Good old SLC. Love the snow covered sidewalks.

  2. Cranes....only you could find excitement and beauty in cranes, bulldozers, or backhoes. You should be an engineer or an architect.