double the relaxation

One of my best friends just found out she is having twins so the usual nesting has stepped up a notch. Or two.
Not only is she looking for two of everything, she needs somewhere to lay her weary head.  She likes this bed for the clean lines and nail head detail.  Her room should be as restful as possible, with a few country inspired things for her ultra outdoors dude husband.  My choice for lighting is a nod towards her historical preserved home.
We had dinner this week and our other friend has one baby in tow and seems to need an extra set of hands.  Two of those little packages of fun to keep her on her toes?  Yeah, this girl is going to need somewhere relaxing to{or try to}sleep.

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  1. I like the way you design with emotions in mind. So many designers go for impact and "pop" and you always think of feelings and needs. I "feel" better just seeing your design board much less living amidst all that beauty.