Christmas is all around me

I'm a total nerd for how much I love walking to work.  I get all bundled up and carry my travel mug of boiling hot peppermint water like a yummy smelling hand warmer and smile a little smile to myself the whole seven blocks to work.  

Yesterday I decided midday to extend my walk home and walk downtown to get some Christmas shopping done and meet a friend for dinner.{Will the novelty of proximity ever wear off?? Doubtful.  My nerd is very much a part of me.} That same happy feeling followed me around as I browsed and caught up with said friend and enjoyed a yummy butternut squash soup.  Our night got a little more exciting than originally planned when we ended up pushing her car out of traffic since it up and died right there without a warning.  There are few people in the world I know who can keep a smile on her face and still make something like that fun, and she just so happens to be one of those rarities.  {I didn't once think 'this wouldn't have happened if we were both walking...' OK, I might have, but not for lack of fun, just for love of walking.}

On a side note {can you have a side note if you don't really have a subject to wander off from?}  I love the Christmas Season.  More so than the actual Christmas Day.  I've mentioned a time or two my love for anticipation and nothing beats the feeling of the holiday season in full swing.  And it isn't even December just yet!!  We still have practically a whole month of music and and pretty lights and yummy smells and gatherings with loved ones and extra kindness to enjoy.

What is your favorite part of this time of year?


  1. I love that Thanksgiving was early this year, giving us that little extra time with Christmas.

  2. Christmas Eve is my all time favorite from all the years clear back to my childhood. Also all the beautiful music,especially the German brass band which would herald in the Christmas Eve hours every year at exactly 5:00 PM, dec 24.

  3. I love all the twinkle lights inside and outside that light up all the extra hours of darkness. There's nothing like laying under a lit-up Christmas tree.

  4. Hey, job in DT SLC?!? I must have missed something.

  5. I love being with family! Waking up early, watching nieces and nephews open stockings, and staying in pajamas when it's chilly out!