give us the grand america

When our clients asked us to design their home to feel like the Grand America my thoughts immediately went to pretty marble, sparkly glass, lush fabrics and classy, timeless elegance.  Their style is very formal so it has given me a chance to play with velvets, embroidered silks and the like.

Normally my sketches for clients during the design process are quick and on the back of whatever piece of scrap paper is handy and that quick sketch will get the idea across.
This was still a quick little thing {and the flaws drive me crazy!} but at least along with the fabric selections and spec sheets of all the furniture to go in to the home I'll have a sample of what one of the rooms might look like completed so they can get the full vision. They call this particular room their 'sanctuary'.  Situated off their master bedroom, it is a small room they plan to use to relax.


  1. I love your drawings! And there are no flaws in this at all -- none at all! ;)

  2. Isn't it fun to work on a high end project. Lucky client to have your creative eye working for her. I would love the room you sketched and your talent at finding the exact, unique pieces to set off the space.