Little Cottonwood Canyon: Part One

I went for a hike over the weekend that turned into two separate hikes.  The two experiences really couldn't have been more different from each other for just one evening spent in the same canyon.
The first hike was overcast, very green, and rained the whole time.  The rain was the refreshing kind, just enough to cool me down and remind me of the great northwest that I love.  It was the thunder that seemed to be getting louder and closer that made us turn around way before we were ready to quit.
The storm passed by the time we got back to the trail head and I really could have been content with the evening at this point.  Had I known where we were headed next I would have turned around on this hike even sooner... 
{part two later}

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous photos! I love the thought of hiking and exploring. So wonderful!