dreaming about summer

I was out on my front porch stringing lights in anticipation of warm summer nights spent out there enjoying the view.
A few other things on my wish list for this space:
terracotta lanterns
cozy and colorful Adirondack chairs with casual lumbar pillows
a sidebar type table where I can place drinks/snacks

{yellow pants were just a diversion to my dreaming, I'd like a pair of those too}

{pottery barn & west elm}


  1. oh man.. i'm a 'consta-summer dreamer' and i can't get enough! those patterned pottery pieces are delectable.

  2. I know that is you standing there in your yellow pants and awesome shoes. You are just being kind and trying hard not to make the rest of us feel bad in our out-of-date winter sweat pants.

  3. I like the yellow pants. And it looks like a photo of you actually. :-)

  4. i never knew i wanted yellow pants until this very moment! :) really, they're so fun and summery! i also love those pot lanterns and colorful chairs. i can't wait until summer is officially here. we're having super hot days this week, but there may still be cold days before we really get summer. it's such a tease!

  5. I actually have yellow pants! AND I love wearing them because they SCREAM summer! :) I also love your fun lights on your patio. They are such happy colors! I vote we plan a BBQ there really soon. :) Can't wait for summer too! Buffalo Burgers from the farmer's market on the grill... mmm!!