natural beauty

 I've been working with this client for over a year now and I like the way she gets things done.  One project at a time, and she focuses on getting the details right.  There's no rush and it's the right approach for her.  

Our next project: window treatments for her living room.

One of my favorites things is blending neutral colors with natural textures and pleasantly surprising colors.  Lucky for me, this is very much what she wants.  She just called with her four favorite fabric selections and as I've been putting together the bid for her I've been dreaming of how the room could look when it's done.. light, airy, very pretty.
Not all of these options will end up as window treatments, but we do have a window seat that is up next on the project list.
My personal choice: bottom left for roman shades, bottom right for panels but in a lighter colorway.


  1. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I love floral and geometric prints together!

  2. Love the first fabric sample.
    Love your dose of courage post and the lampshade is to die for!

  3. Lucky lady to have you working for her. Her home will be wonderful by the time you are both finished.

  4. oh very pretty. I have a client that is taking her sweet time too. Hopefully it will get done one day :)