Artistic pillows

 One of my favorite artists to follow in the blogosphere is Geninne because she comes up with some of the coolest, creative projects and she takes beautiful pictures of everything she does.  I love getting a glimpse into her life and her gorgeous blue house in Mexico.  
Imagine my delight yesterday when I checked in to see what she'd been up to over the weekend and I found that she was showing off some of her latest creations: pretty pillows!  Remember my plans for updating my bedding?  I changed plans midway through {because I'm the client now and I can change my mind all I want} and thought the new plan called for a little something pink.  Her cosmo pillow {image borrowed from her site}could be just the ticket.
She sells it on a great website with a bunch of other artists called Envelop.  I thought I'd share a few that jumped out at me.

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  1. I love the girls cannonballing into the water. That is so Hads and El.