friendly cards

Making cards for friends n family is always fun to do. I can rarely just sit down and come up with one unless I have someone in mind.
I painted this little card for my Aunt Vicky for her birthday but she hasn't seen it until just now.  It promptly got buried on my desk only to find it way too late to send.  {Is it ever too late to send birthday wishes?}
for my mom

for my nice niece.


  1. It is NEVER too late to send a hand-painted JM original. Especially if you are sending it to me. I'll be checking my mailbox. When do you head out for Asia?

  2. I'm here in lovely Asia now. After a nice long 23 hour travel day yesterday we got here late last night. Darling Seaira just woke up in her crib behind me and I think I gave her the shock of her life.

    Keep watching that mail box GrandmaNutt. :)

  3. Those paintings are absolutely AMAZING! They will love those. Have fun in Korea!!

  4. Jenna Marie,
    Today, in my mailbox, was the loveliest card. And to be honest, I don't know which was lovelier....the watercolor or the sentiment inside. Thank you so much for remembering me.
    Hope that you and your whole family are having tons of fun. Tell Kwona that Cara's Anthony has been wandering around for weeks with a loose tooth and he won't let anyone touch it. I told her to try the Kwona trick.

  5. You are much better than me..........I totally forgot my own sisters' (both of them!!)birthdays until I realized Doug's was coming up!! My sentiments were publicized via blogs and THAT is embarrassing!!

    Glad you guys made it safe and sound:)