what it all adds up to

I didn't care that it was blustery and a bit on the cold side today. The sun was hitting the hills behind my house making them glow against the stormy clouds settling in and I had to get up there. Ever get that way? Just can't be inside one more minute. I have this favorite rock up the trail the perfect distance between close and far away. It's flat and white with the perfect vantage point. I've done a lot of thinking on that rock.

I love that it is almost spring. Almost a new season in so many ways for me.

There are a lot of 'almosts' in my life right now and I can't get enough of the feeling of almost. Its a fantastic twist to being incomplete. We always are in some way or another. It isn't a nagging or empty thing, there is an energy to it and it makes me feel like life will always have something waiting just out of view.

Happy new month and week to you.


  1. You gotta love rocks like that. Somewhere near the bottom you should inscribe "JMR thunk here"

  2. love how the cloud breaks just enough for the branch to be framed by it.

  3. ..."perfect distance between close and far away". That phrase alone conjures up such immeasurable vistas. Only you could have put it into the perfect words.

  4. Love your writing style, but more than that I love your kind and thoughtful &caring heart.

    After graduating, some people write books. Some even make money.


  5. ooh jenna! i tell my students that everyone needs a thinking spot (just like pooh bear). you have captured one of life's secrets! (and that is even before graduating, ha) I Love! the craggy tree photo--fabulous.