candy, candy canes, candy corn... and fruit?

I love candy canes as much as the next elf. Too much actually. I can't keep them in the house bc they magically disappear. I discovered my loot from last year, all I have left is a pile of cellophane. Luckily, my sweet tooth has taken a turn for the natural sweets lately with pomegranates and oranges. I think it is great these cool fruits come into season right about now when the world outside is frozen.


  1. Yay for oranges! I've never eaten a pomegranate though.

  2. Pomegranates are like chewing on gravel but they do make tasty juice. When I was growing up my mom would introduce pomegranates into our Christmas scenarios every few years. I was always so intrigued by them and their naturally unique beauty.

  3. Hello? We really must be related! I've survived only on grapefruits and (as Lucy calls them), tiny oranges.
    I'm sure you've been busy, but I've not stopped thinking about you!!!!
    We miss Aunt Jenna!!!!