O Christmas Tree

We broke the unwritten rule and put up my Christmas tree last night. Sometimes rules should be broken and this was one of those times.

They volunteered to do the lights. I am not patient with this step. I just want to get to the good stuff already. Our new accidental technique: icicle lights.


This is the make shift way the tree is being supported this year. I have no idea where the real stand has disappeared to. I'm missing a box of decorations, maybe it is in there too?

I think she could pull it off, don't you? Very festive and subtle.

The holiday season is already off to a beautiful start. We watched an all time favorite holiday movie {While You Were Sleeping} and while I loved the excuse of being out of the country last year to skip all the frantic shopping I'm still going with less is more this year and hoping for an emphasis on relaxation and good memories.


  1. Looks great you are giving me the
    itch to get mine up now!

  2. Subtlety was never one of Kris's strong points, but a good sense of humor?....she is a giant in that department.

    Love your finished tree. Next weekend I will start with my decorations. This weekend I am playing with my grandson Asher.

  3. We're putting up our tree today. I'm the light person in our house - somebody's gotta do it! Kris is working those glass balls.