from the 8th floor

I enjoyed watching the storm brew outside as I worked.

Life has been throttling forward at a pace that makes me feel like holding my breath and squinting to make sure I catch everything as it rushes by me.

This pace isn't taking away from the details I enjoy. Maybe even enhancing them because I can't slow down to soak them in. I have to grab them as I go and unwrap them as I run. It makes those little things special,especially wrapped for me, moments that make the day feel complete. Overwhelmingly so. Like if I took in one more thing I would have to plug my ears to keep it all from pouring out.

for instance: I woke up this morning in Heber at my friend Adrienne's place. She was helping me again with my struggles to become friends with AutoCAD and invited me to stay over with the anticipation of showing off her view of the valley bright and early in the morning when we left for school.

She was disappointed to find in the morning fog and rain soaking up her normally bright sunshiny view of the horse pastures below. The surprise: I LOVE gray more than blue. Rain more than shine. When it comes to enjoying fall colors I can't think of a better way to see them than with dark brooding skies mixing things up and making the burnt oranges, muted reds and browns and punches of lime greens blur together. I tucked this all in my pocket and enjoyed it the rest of the day.

lyrics to live by: I'm lucky to count on both hands the ones I love. - Pearl Jam


  1. You love the grays better than the blues and the mists better than the clarity.....So how does that explain Southern Utah? Com'on Girl, make up your mind. You're confusing me.

    You should go to Germany, or Scandinavia for awhile. You'll get plenty of overcast, storm-brewing days there. Let's you and I make a trip.

  2. I am looking for a travel buddy Vickers. Someone to roam Europe with me this summer for a week. You in? :)

    As for the design, yes, still making up my mind. I'm in the throws of branding myself. Try it, it is difficult!

  3. Jennalope. I went to see the sushicat and discovered the relocation. What up? Shoot me an email some time, I need your chi. I see the jennamariedesign.com is no more.

    Nano (ideasoforder@gmail.com)