I know I'm behind on writing when I have to google to find out what week of the year it is.  45!  What happened to the other ones in between the last post? 

just a few snapshots to catch you up a bit

I miss the Pollyanna but not enough to go back.  So much history there.  So many wonderful memories.  I left with the reassurance that it'd always have a happy place tucked in my heart.  Who knew I'd have a piece of it to hang on my wall?  That brilliant man of mine straight up snagged a piece of it that I'll cherish forever.  Further proof to me that I snagged myself a real fine man.  This guy has birthday gift giving down.

I believe if we could read Vesper's blog {I'm so sure she has one} it would tell you that she thinks this move was all about her.  She has reached kitty nirvana.  While I took to apartment living like squirrel in a tree, she did not.  Her forlorn prowling meowing like a deranged banshee is at an all time low.  I accredit this to the abundance of grass in the yard, spending all-nighters outdoors with all the other street kitties in our neighborhood, and a crawlspace she found in the wall that I've blocked off but she has most certainly not forgotten.  Sometimes I find her staring at it like she does the fridge.  Open! Please, please open!
My new job is a dream.  Truly.  Each day it has gotten better and better.  This was last Friday when we all channeled our inner elf and decorated the showroom for Christmas.  The way I feel right now is reminiscent of how school felt.  Not anything about my work exactly.  More to do with how I had so much to do at that time in my life and the ideas and creativity seemed to flow with abandon.  And so much energy to do it all.  I'm loving every minute of it.
Our house is taking shape and really starting to feel like home.  Really, anytime we're there together it feels like home.  You know what I mean.  The boxes are unpacked, the list of things that needed to be fixed and improved are getting checked off.  I know I'm going to have to remind myself occasionally that this place is a rental because I'd love to do some real work to this cute diamond in the rough.
And this man.  Oh this man!  He's the reason behind everything.


  1. That photo of you and Vesper on your front porch reminds me of your home in Bountiful and your gray kitty. You look just as happy and satisfied now as you did twenty years ago. You have reached your perfect place.

  2. Love reveling in all your happy news! Where are you working?

  3. I feel like I am watching a favorite romantic comedy. LOVE it all.

  4. "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.".......So glad you found the perfect love:)