I've been thinking about how I could sum this week up in a way that feels true to the complexity and exquisite nature of the past seven days without sharing the personal details I only allude to here.
I don't think I have the capacity to find the right words to express myself yet, but I can tell you that what I've taken from the experience is that all is right in the world.  

A quote from my favorite movie comes to mind, "People are always telling you that change is a good thing. But all they're really saying is that something you didn't want to happen at all... has happened."

You all know how I feel about change.  I love it.  Even when the thing I didn't want to happen, has happened.  It's bound to happen, so bring it on I say.  It allows for so much opportunity for growth.  It lends a new perspective.  A chance to hit your knees and say I am not in control here.  And find complete and utter relief and peace in that knowledge.  
In the highlight reel this week:
Celebrating the women in my life. 
Mother's Day is such a beautiful holiday and so appropriately in May when the world is in bloom. 
The day was a landmark day in the history of me.

Having my favorite poem recited to me in a moment when I needed it most.

Getting a glimpse of heaven and knowing it is out there.  Eternal optimism is a true blessing.
An early morning temple visit to find inner strength and purpose.

Logging 70ish miles in every kind of weather imaginable this week and feeling much more prepared for Little Red

I left the office yesterday afternoon to run an errand but ended up at Liberty Park instead.  It wasn't even a conscious decision really.  One moment I was on task, the next I'd completely checked out. 

That cat of mine. 
She seemed grumpy this week.  So I brought her home a grasshopper.  I had a dream a few weeks ago that she asked me for a kitty.  I don't think she's ready for that kind of responsibility, so a bug seemed like a good compromise.  She handled it like you might imagine.  Captivated then quickly lost interest.  The bug is fending for herself now somewhere in the apartment.
And a quote that was shared with me by a dear, wonderful friend that I really enjoyed:

“The truth is that the heroism of your childhood entertainments was not true valor. It was theatre. The grand gesture, the moment of choice, the mortal danger, the external foe, the climactic battle whose outcome resolves all--all designed to appear heroic, to excite and gratify an audience. Gentlemen, welcome to the world of reality--there is no audience. No one to applaud, to admire. No one to see you. Do you understand? Here is the truth--actual heroism receives no ovation, entertains no one. No one queues up to see it. No one is interested...True heroism is minutes, hours, weeks, year upon year of the quiet, precise, judicious exercise of probity and care—with no one there to see or cheer. This is the world.” 
David Foster Wallace, The Pale King


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  2. I so feel ya about change. And about keeping moments private while trying to express feelings publicly. I'm going through the same thing. I went to the Temple where I was married this week. Even though my problems are still in my life, just being there helped me remember where I stand in God's eyes.

  3. Thinking of you. Hugs.

    And that pic of you is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. You are so whimsical yet so complex.....a grasshopper for your cat which then goes on to live a separate sphere inside your personal space. Love it! Also LOVE the photo of you and Grandma Aweome. That's a keeper.

  5. That picture of you and Grandma is absolutely gorgeous. Your temple picture is stunning. Glad you have found peace this week, in all the right places.

  6. I love this quote that you shared. In a world of illusions its nice to read about someone's life that is so real and down to earth.

    Thank you.