Typical spring week with a day for biking and a day for snow boots.  
First ride of the season was a leisurely adventure from the avenues to the point of the mountain.  {36 miles along the windy Jordan River Trail} Not too bad for the first day out.
 This is what 70 {SEVENTY!!} years of loving someone looks like.  
A very happy anniversary to the Awesomes.  It was fun hearing my grandma recount how they ate dinner in the kitchen of a night club as other people stood in a line that stretched around the block with ration tickets.  It pays to know the right people and apparently they knew the right ones.
 Notice a trend in my photos this week?  You guessed it.  FOOD!  And lots of it.
It started out with one of those lunches that goes down in the history of great lunches.  I went with my work family to Pat's BBQ where people were literally running to get in before the burnt ends ran out. 
The anniversary dinner was takeout from my grandparents favorite Chinese place.
Lunch with my friend Susan at the Latino Mall for some seriously fantastic tacos of the authentic variety with a side of winks and twinkly eyes from the owner of this fine establishment.
And Thai with the ladies.  My Aunt's Michele and Vicky and my Grandma came over to check out the new digs and then we went to Sawadee where we laughed and enjoyed the evening together.  Vicky's husband Serge worked in the building when it was an ice cream shop back when they were dating and first married.  Fun history to the building.  And a real highlight to the evening was my grandma's sweet housewarming gift.  Hand made dish towels my great great grandmother made.  Now every time I see them I will think of the fun evening with the three beautiful blonde ladies in my family.


  1. The best part of the whole evening out was being with you....that, and scoring some more JMR original artwork which I had coveted for years.

  2. Jealous. Totally missing out.

  3. Can we delete the 20 some-odd states that stand between here and there, so we can hang out all the time and have AWESOME family reunions?

  4. that would be so awesome Cara!!