ALT TAB: 50/52

 Did I blink?  Is it Friday again?
So, big stuff this week:
The presentations that I've been preparing for for the past two months are complete at work.  The showroom is decked out like we had a team of Christmas elves with the directive to make every last inch sparkler, down the the glitter sprinkled on the carpet.  Every designer who is at all involved in temple design has been over to see the furniture we are featuring.
And to make my home life as hopping as my work life I've taken on a couple new projects.  I got lined up with the best.client.ever who I'll live vicariously through since she and I have such similar styles it's like making all my design dreams come true in her home.
Then there is this other thing that happened this week that I'm still not sure I believe actually happened.  I'd say it was on my bucket list's wish list.  You know the kind of thing you'd like to think might happen one day, but don't really set out to make happen because it seems too far beyond reach?  I was approached by a designer who I've looked up to for years to be a contributor in a book she is writing.  Um, that's kind of exciting isn't it?
 The timing couldn't be more great.  Just a week ago I told RC1 that I needed a good project to sink my teeth in to and I'm blessed with two in the same day.
“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” 
Douglas Adams


  1. And you are just the lady to give Life a big shake and make us all wish we were you.

  2. I can't imagine how giddy Kipp must be seeing all these sparkles everywhere! And the creepy birds peering from everywhere.... love it. :) I'm sure the squirrel is there too!
    congrats on the excting stuff!!!