ALT TAB: 21/52

 They're home!  We put the finishing details on our posters without a minute to spare and sped off to the airport with the paint still drying.  I didn't realize how wound up I was until I noticed my knee wouldn't stop shaking as we stood around waiting for their luggage.  I guess I had a lot of bottled up energy.  We had a great weekend full of lots of laughter and catching up.  

From the highlight reel: laying in the soft grass half napping half listening to conversation as my mom cut grandma's hair  -  playing ping pong at RC1's house {especially my mom's amazing stunts} - games with the family - flank steak - the solar eclipse

RC1 has photos on his blog right now of a bathroom remodel I worked on earlier this year.  
This project goes down in my book as one of the luckiest since it isn't every day you can go out and make a whirlwind of major decisions and have it work out so quickly and perfectly.  Some of my favorite details are the modern tub, custom vanity, and the heated tile floors.
The original plan was to create her dream bathroom but this was abbreviated since other plans had evolved and they hoped to move sooner than later to a ranch in the mountains somewhere.  Suzanne and Greg are wonderful, giving people and with a five year plan involving helping others it doesn't surprise me that five years turned into just a matter of months instead.  They found their perfect ranch one day wandering around, got it for a steal, the house sold, and they're living their dream.

So dream, dream dream.
{from a song on You've Got Mail}


  1. You certainly have had an amazing week! Love the family moments.

  2. Glad the Africans are home, safe and sound and full of adventure stories and rescue stories. You are truly blessed in your family.

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  4. LOOOOOOOOOVE your posters!!!!!

  5. Im sure you have been soaking up every possible moment with your mom and dad. Such a beautiful reunion! Love to all.

  6. Nothing like having a zoo welcome you back home! Glad your parents have returned safe and sound. Oh by the way that bathroom is amazing it looks as big or not bigger than my bedroom.