ALT TAB: 19/52

Isn't this the greatest photo of the second oldest and second youngest in my family?  My Grandpa Awesome turned 90 on Monday.  I think he's pretty wonderful.  Has always been this quiet presence in my life.  He has this genuine smile that I especially love when he's looking at my grandma.  I've really been impressed with what he's done in his life.  His career in the Air Force, the home he built, and the cabin too.  But most of all I'm grateful for my family and I see his part as very integral in this.

Walking home the past few days feels like walking home from school.  Because the weather is warming up, my pace up the hill has slowed down considerably and I meander a whole lot more.  Along my usual route I pass by a school where someone has been threading fabric through the chain link fence. 

I met up with my Fashion Remix team there earlier this week to celebrate our big win  at a fun little artistic Mexican restaurant on the wrong side of the tracks.  Driving past abandoned warehouses and neglected buildings you'd think you've got the address wrong.  But there it is, this bright little spot amongst the decay.  Our dress turned out better than we could have imagined, the honor of winning is still a highlight for us all, but the friendships are definitely the lasting benefit from all the long hours.

Vesper standing in the morning sun while I packed my lunch.

I've had a hard enough time finding motivation to train for the Ragnar in six weeks, so I was happy to find myself up and out of bed early yesterday morning to get in another run. I've been following a 20 week training program condensed down to 6 weeks so it's been a rude awakening that all this biking I've been doing hasn't really rolled over into preparing me to run 19+ miles.  I was about two blocks from home when I spied this boxy little wonder of a side table and I tried to ignore its come hither stare.  I made it another two blocks before I circled back around to inspect it half hoping to find irreparable damage so I could keep running.  Finding no real damage, I accepted that it was meant to be and lugged it home with me.  I chalked it off to cross training since I couldn't call it a run.  The cat inspected when I got home, and I think she agreed that it was a score.  Or will be someday soon after a little love.

Yesterday evening Grandma Awesome, Vicky and I went and heard Kitty de Ruyter-Bons speak.  She is the author of As I Have Loved You.  She shared her life story of growing up on a peaceful coffee plantation in Indonesia.  At the age of 8 her life was drastically changed when WWII began and she was imprisoned in a camp with her mother and sisters.  Her story was inspiring and gave me a lot to think about and be grateful for in my life including my freedom and my shared faith that prayers are answered and even terrible experiences are for our good.

Today is a big day.  Five years ago today RC1 strolled into my life wearing a leather jacket and stole me away from my date.  

"How beautiful is youth, How bright it gleams, with its illusions, aspirations, dreams...." 
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. RC1 ! I know who this is but I'm quite curious to know why the R!

    I didn't know you will run 19 miles... YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  2. when I first started my blog I gave everyone nicknames and my cousin came up with RC1 because I had mentioned meeting a boy and he was really cute. He commented under the name 'RC1' and the name just stuck... or at least I think that's how it went? Great seeing you today Becky!!!

  3. I LOVE so much about this post. You are always so verbal with your emotions, and descriptions of what fills your life with JOY! The photo of BigBro and Xman is one of my faves. So happy that you're in a 'happy place'. HUGZ 8-)

  4. I'm do excited to see you tomorrow and catch up!!

  5. Your everyday life is so full of little moments of pleasure/treasure. You are very special in that you recognize and acknowledge the uniqueness and rarity of your life. I enjoy all your moments which touch my life. You Re a wondrous niece.