ALT TAB: 15/52

 My week has had a definite theme to it.  
I rode from my house to RC1's house and when I was just about there I came to a place in the trail where it stopped suddenly with friendly 'no trespassing' signs suggesting that I find another route.  Instead, I picked up my bike and crossed the rail road tracks anyway.  That experience loosely parallels my week.  Pushing forward, creating my own path... That or a silly rummycube analogy about switching around the tiles until they fit just right.  I like thinking in metaphor.

My week started out strong with a raise {hip hip!} and a fun drive to Oakley to visit friends who bought a ranch way ahead of schedule to fulfill their dreams of opening their home to families with disabled children.  I met their new colt, Sunny, and saw immediately why they fell in love with the place.  It's the perfect spot for them to live out this dream of theirs and they seem so happy there.  We made omelets from fresh eggs from their chickens and watched the sun set over the rolling pastures that are just starting to show signs of life again.  It felt like I stepped into the insides a cozy book.

My roundup seems to have a theme as well: copper, pink, green and grey.

photos from my week

Oakley, copper pots, flowering trees and my newest scarf my roommate brought back from Thailand for me.  She gave it to me as we were catching up in the kitchen after her trip. Me propped up against the sink as usual, and her perched on the cabinet as usual.  I was so excited about it I almost felt myself begin to hyperventilate a bit.  Yes, I do love scarves a bit much.

A tone on tone shot from my bathroom, more rolling hills at the ranch, some fresh herbs I planted on my lunch one day this week, and that cute kitty of mine snoozing with me yesterday afternoon as I finished the second book to Hunger Games.  I'm so sucked in to that story I'm dreading the day I run out of pages to read.

And then back to my bike ride Saturday.  It was quite the ride.  {33 miles, but who's counting?} I was a little chilled by the time I got there since the weather turned overcast and the head wind was consistently sneaking up my sleeves, but I loved taking in the changing scenery as I made my way from downtown SLC to West Point.  Next time I'll be faster because I'll know where all the trails connect.

"Money is just something to throw off the back of a train." - Norah Jones


  1. You are and have always been an exceptional person. And on that note I have women over here who want to buy copies of your conference sketch. What think ye?

  2. Its a no wonder my mom likes your blog more then mine. Hey mom.
    Um, I'll buy the conference sketches!