ALT TAB: 6/52

 Who loves Valentine's Day?  
I know, I know, single people are supposed to call it by some sad name - single awareness day - but I refuse.  Maybe my love for it goes untainted because I don't have expectations of the day to bring me any more romance than any other day?  Because I like to think that I live inside a romantic comedy so really, every day is valentines day.  Go rain on another holiday bitter people.  
{You can have St. Patrick's Day, I don't wear a whole lot of green anyway.}

A favorite memory of the holiday is the time my parents bought me a new day bed.  I was in 2nd grade and it wasn't a valentines gift {or maybe it was, my parents are sweet like that} but the way I remember things it just happened to be the day before that we picked it up and the wrought iron frame was shaped loosely like hearts so to me it was always my valentine's day bed.  I adored that bed.  So much so, that I wouldn't let anyone sit on it.  Oh yeah, I'm that girl.

But I've gotten a little better over the years.  And actually feel validated about my little idiosyncrasies after my boss shared an experience he had in South Carolina last week while visiting a factory we rep.  Barbara Barry {The Barbara Barry}designs for our newest line {can't name names right now} and she believes in having everything just so, like me.  So much so that during a meeting someone put their purse on the table and she politely went and moved it to the floor, casually saying the it was distracting from the overall design aesthetic of the room.  He was also told that it if you happen to go into her office with a big gulp type plastic cup she will take it from you, pour your drink into a nice glass, and hand it back to you.  She has the guts to do something like that, while I might only inwardly cringe and think about the day when everything will be pretty.

It's in the details people.  The experiences you have shape your life and I firmly believe that those little details I like so much make things just a little more special.  So what if your brother still teases you about that crazy time in your life your bed was only touched to fluff the pillows. {I slept on the trundle to maintain perfection.}

Enough of that nonsense before you get the wrong idea about me.  The meager photo roundup for the week from left to right in usual fashion:

My parents.  They've been on my mind a lot this week.

 A couple little framed paper things I made this week for the holiday.

A shot from the top of Emigration Canyon from my ride last Saturday.  It was the perfect weather with the sun on my back and a brisk little breeze to make me grateful I was wearing two of everything.  Two pairs of socks, two layers of spandex, two pairs of gloves..et al.

The ongoing construction at the office.  The tangerine tango wall is new, the chandelier is about to come down as we start in on updating the lighting, and the other projects are shaping up beautifully.

And a special thanks to Sarah for giving me the liebster award on her blog last week, to pass on the love, my top 5 reads are:
I broke the rules of the game.  {I should have only listed blogs with 200 followers or less} But I wanted to share my top reads this week - excluding stalking friends and family - and didn't want to limit myself.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 


  1. I never knew that about your Valentine bed. Where is it now?

    1. Sad to say I don't know. I know I couldn't part with it so it stayed in the big red shed for a few years after I moved downstairs and took over Ben's room. It must have gone the way of forgotten toys and such. What a sad ending to the story of the beloved day bed huh?

  2. That is one of my favorite scriptures. And nice tangerine wall!

  3. i'm so glad you posted your favorite 5. geninne's art blog is bbbbbbeeeautiful!! i'm glad you shared that!