ALT TAB: 3/52

 My week in recap fashion, semi-supported by images for those who wish all stories still came that way:

A few lovelies came to visit us this week at work. The Mies van der Rohe day bed and pavilion chairs from Malik are out front looking gorgeous.  For real replicas.  I'd like to move my computer out to the showroom and work from there. {Yes, that's a sliver of the Eileen Gray adjustable table too.} Auh, Mid Century Classic, why do I love thee so?  I'm trying to keep the drool off all this great stuff.

The brick wall outside.  There is no way to capture in blog form the absolutely wonderful smell outside my office right now.  Fresh rain mixed with sugary bakery goods from our next door neighbors.

Welcoming home my money tree.  It has been living with my Aunt Michele and seems to love the new spot soaking in the sunsets from my big front window.

That's us at Abravanel Hall waiting for funny man Brian Regan to come out and make us laugh last night.  That man is hilarious with a capital H.  Thanks for sharing your bday gift with me RC1, and thanks for hatching the great idea to crash the party at Grand America afterwords.  My eyes were peeled for all my favorite bloggers.  If only we were wearing all white to better blend in...

Frosted window panes.  Or windshields.

More money tree {what a terribly misleading name.}

A couple shots from my walk to work this morning.  Instead of my usual route down E Street I went down D instead.  It was a great choice.  I think I'll start going up and down different streets every day too add some variety to my short commute.  Even though it means I'm a little late I love listening to the bells go off at the cathedral at 8 am.  They played Onward Christian Soldiers this morning.

"Desires dictate priorities.  Priorities shape choices.  Choices determine actions."  
Dallin H. Oaks


  1. I saw Jim Brickman in concert at Abravenel Hall once upon a time. If I told you how long ago it was I would just feel old.

  2. You always give me great quotes and great photo ideas to use for talks. You inspire me in so many ways.