ALT TAB: 4/52 {or 1/12 if you'd rather}

 One month into my alt tab project and I'm enjoying myself, are you?

A little house tour: the mantel right now {ever changing}I like minimal and clean after the holidays. 
My view looking in.  I sit on the sofa looking out so often that it was nice Sunday morning to turn around and look in.  There's a lesson there right?
My birthday frogs from Vickers - aren't they the coolest??
And the snowy view.
 Last Friday night I was a whirlwind of domesticity as I cooked dinner for myself, prepped a casserole for the next night, baked my favorite sugar free cookies, and made bread for church. The quinoa was boiling, the casserole dish was hanging out on the stove top ready for the curried pork wonder creation ingredients.
{Side note: the recipe I was inspired by, and my review for my revised version.}   

After a bit I noticed that I'd turned on the wrong burner, the quinoa was still stone cold while the casserole dish was piping hot. Typical day in my life, nothing new there folks.  I made the switch and moved the dish to the back burner to cool.  No sooner had I set it down, walked the two steps to the sink and turned my back to grab something when the thing exploded!  Not simply broke, or shattered, but full on exploded sending shards of glass all over the room.  I think I yelped, my roommate came running, and I stood there stunned for a moment eying the shards of glass all over every surface running through the timing of the event in my mind.  If I had lingered for a moment at the stove... I had the goosebumps of a the very lucky almost casualty of cooking gone wrong.  My guardian angels must have known this little miss uninsured would have been in a tight spot if this story had ended in stitches.

other photos:
a frozen leaf I found outside
a pretty fence and it's shadow
some lovely bowls I want to own

This week I'm grateful for the beautiful winter weather, smart advice, and music montages.

In anticipation of a very fun themed baby shower we're throwing for our friend tomorrow, my quote of the week:

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.  Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be.  And what it wouldn't be, it would.  You see?
Alice in Wonderland
{photos of the party next week!}


  1. I knew it was Alice before I even got to the end of the quote! Glad you don't have cousin Jamison's bad luck and were spared the stitches.

  2. Lovely and miraculous post. We are so grateful you were not hurt with your cooking mishap. pbpb

  3. I understand the no insurance thing...us too. I'm so grateful you are safe! I loved chatting with you this week, let's do it again soon!

  4. Grandma Awesomeonce had a large Corningware baking dish like yours explode in the oven. It had been in the oven with a roast in it for thirty minutes when it exploded all over the oven! Crazy!!!, Glad you were out of range.