ho ho holy awesome bike ride

Saturday was the most beautiful day for a bike ride.  OK, so realistically it was 37 degrees out and who knows what the wind chill was as I flew down the canyon at high {dad re:completely safe}speeds with the sun in my eyes making for lovely shadows, but maybe not optimum visibility.
 I've been waiting for this day for months and months so a little snow on the ground or just above sub freezing temps would not deter me from my fun.  The day dawned as the day I would hop on my brand new road bike and the whole paved world opened up to me.  I have been mentally plotting out long stretches of west facing road in my spare pondering moments.
 I started my maiden voyage at work on South Temple where Jameson {favorite cousin of the week, sorry lovely cousins, I do love you all}dropped off my new bike Friday afternoon. Then climbed the 11 blocks to the top of the avenues without having to weave up the hill one block at a time to catch my breath due to the old bike's lack of gears suitable for climbing.
Exceptions for bikes? Like a little sign. Kismet. Blessings from Heaven.


  1. Great and modern ideas!


  2. You are an amazing and free spirit. More power to you blazing your own trails and breathing the clean air up high.

  3. You have a cousin of the week award? Awesome - when do I get mine? :) BTW, it looks way too cold for me!

  4. Triple yes to bike riding. Jameson? I love that name. In fact, I picked that name to be my future son's name.

  5. looks like fun!