before the wind

 before the winds started howling {boy, did they howl - 90 mph!}I was out and about the neighborhood taking care of things:

return library book {Water for Elephants - I wasn't a fan, I didn't even finish it, I'll see the movie instead.} pick up new library book {Sarah's key - a big fan of this book, I will see this movie too when I'm done.}
continue walk to new neighbors house to say hello, welcome to the greatest neighborhood ever
search for friend's dog after we were done visiting the new neighbor because she decided to go meet some neighbors on her own

  You know, just regular run of the mill kind of errand type things for a Wednesday night that don't exactly warrant a blog post of their very own.  The not so run of the mill bit of the night was the sky.  It was long after sunset and yet there was the prettiest blue glow behind the impending storm clouds.
  It created the loveliest back ground to my errand running and I found myself walking down the middle of my street watching the branches in contrast to the glowing sky.  Good thing there wasn't any traffic right?
While the cat watched her flocks at night.

My favorite quote of the week:
"sometimes i wonder. so much of what i see reminds me of something i saw in a meg ryan movie once, when shouldn't it be the other way around?"  

I thought it was the wittiest spin off of a movie quote if I ever heard one.  Auuh, someone who loves Meg Ryan movies as much as I do. 
Happy Weekend dear void, what will you be doing?


  1. I love Meg just as I like your blog. Nice post. Happy blogging everybody!

  2. An iridescent blue sky....makes you wonder.
    Glad you are safe and that those big trees you were scanning through remained upright. Mother Nature is only a tool used by Someone else.

  3. I'll be addressing Christmas cards. Once again I do not know any current addresses for anyone in your wild roaming adventersome family. If you want a card - email me your address! And Ben's and the parents.

  4. beautiful! are those phone pictures or do you carry a camera around everywhere you go? or were you just lucky and had your camera with you at a fortuitous moment?