eleven eleven eleven

as eleven is my favorite number and this date will only happen once in my lifetime I seriously hoped all year leading up to this day that I'd be doing something incredibly cool.

Nothing has happened yet that would be on the highlight reel in my life movie but even though it hasn't been a momentous day because of any one thing, do you ever stop yourself and say, "Hey!  This is my life and I totally love it?"  I find myself saying that to myself a lot lately.

I'm sure you've been on pins and needles just waiting for me to follow up with my loaded comments about new beginnings and the existence of them in my near future so I'll get right to it.

After two years with Noble House I gave notice and will be done at the end of the month.  I have been incredibly blessed by my experience there.   Most of all I'm grateful for my wonderful clients.

I will now be working part time for Design Source, a local rep group a mere ten minute walk from my house.  I've already started and can tell I'm going to really enjoy myself.  The scary part is that while I'll still be in the design industry I won't actually be designing.

Which leads to what I'll be doing with the rest of my time.

I'm officially going out on my own as an Interior Designer.  

That sounds like an official announcement right?  Like I'm running for office making such bold, wonderful statements.  What will I offer the world if I'm nominated? {not reeally, but play along}  Lovely interior spaces and kittens for everyone.

But seriously.  I'm seriously excited.

What does the sofa have anything to with anything?  We're remodeling our showroom and the Gaia from Bernhardt will be part of the changes going on.  Photos someday soon.


  1. WOW! Candice Olsen move over. I guess that means that I can commission you and fly you out here to redo my whole house. You will be an AWESOME interior designer. Congratulations, and smart you for always "shaking it up".

  2. An interior designer in space right? That's what you meant to say...intergalactic zero-G designer. Tell me, would you bolt everything to the floor, or let it flow around freely in a zen-like manner?

  3. haha! I love the way you think Cara! Why didn't I think of that? outer space design?! cool.

  4. I have no worries for you or your career. I however am so sad that Noble House will not be rubbing shoulders with you anymore. Shame for them.
    (Wow, I still remember talking with 'him' on the phone, after you put me down for a reference!!)
    Keep your head up, and look to the future, my free spirited bird!
    (no idea 11 was your fave. number!!!) Love love love. -me

  5. Thought of you on this 11-11-11 day. Excited to see all the beautiful new spaces you'll design. Watch out world, {jm} is on her way!! pbpb

  6. wow, what an exciting announcement! and a bold move. i like it. :) well congratulations on this big change! i am excited to see what the future brings for you - judging from what i've seen you will have no shortage of good ideas and beautiful designs.