parade float

I've had a lot of requests from family and friends to post pictures of the float we've been working on for the past six months.
Almost every Wednesday since January I have spent the afternoon in a warehouse building replicas of homes from the avenues, painting, glittering, laying sod, cutting fringe... many seemingly insignificant details that we would laugh about as we worked on it because the life span of a float during a parade is about 40 seconds from 40 feet away. 
The amount of detail that went into this thing was mind blowing.
Aside from the hours of planning and gathering the required materials needed, a retired architect built the 4 churches spending more than 400 hours on them.  25  homes were constructed and given out to our neighbors to decorate and personalize. 800 + paper flowers were made to go around the edges.  A professional artist donated his time for the murals painted on the base. And that's just naming a few projects I could think of quickly.  Our roughest guess is that well over 1,000 hours were put into this thing.

There was a steady stream of people stopping by to help or just say hello and check the progress.  And the master mind behind the whole project, Susan, made sure that every detail was considered and carried out flawlessly.  She was a joy to work and laugh with each week.  She came in under budget and right on schedule and even had time to plan a preview party and a lunch after the parade to make sure everyone knew how much she appreciated them.  Talk about the perfect leader.

The banner running around the base of the float is made up of images from the Utah Historical Society showing generations of the people from the five faiths represented on our float.  Why just these five?  Because there is a choir in our area made up of people from each congregation that my stake is a part of so it seemed fitting to focus on them.
A little detail shot of one of the houses I worked on.  Yes, that's my Vesper in the window.
I had fun with this project, but this is happily the end to my career in float building.  Two is more than enough for me!


  1. wow, jenna, that float is amazing! the details on it are incredible! i love seeing the projects you're working on and hearing all about your travels and lovely thoughts.

  2. Fantabulous, Incredible, Majestic, Mind-blowing!! Now I wish that I had helped out that night you asked me to just so that I could say that I had (maybe not a hand in it) a finger in the project. Talk about "above and beyond the call of duty"...you all should receive more than a passing banner. An Olympic medal....gold for sure. Congratulations on a wonderful, epic, work of art.

  3. That float is incredible. Brilliant. It's a shame that it's only for a parade - please say they don't dismantle it! It should be brought out each year.

  4. wow that is a ton of work and time! pretty crazy. great job though. did you keep any part of it or do some sort of destruction ceremony?

  5. It's quite simply, FABULOUS! I can't believe what can happen when so many artistic minds come together.

    BTW no clue your cat's name is Vesper. Loving the James Bond nod! Especially since I heart Daniel Craig so much.

  6. It IS a shame the whole thing will end up in a dumpster in September after our neighborhood market where it will be on display again.

    Maybe we could light it on fire just to make it exciting instead of sad to throw it all out? We've looked for ways to donate the houses as doll houses for little girls so maybe they'll be used somehow?

    yep, Vesper Lynn, she's quite the sneaky spy. =) She came with the name though so I can't take credit for that.

    and yes, you totally should have come with me that night Vicky dear! I'd say next time, but I hope there isn't a next time for float bldg and me!!

  7. Thanks for the post--it is incredible. It's fun to have a cute detail like Vesper watching for you to come home. Wow, and double Wow. M&D

  8. That is sad all the creative work will be put in the dumpster.