Little Cottonwood Canyon: Part Two

Alta is at the top of my list for favorite places to ski.  That might have something to do with the free skiing available every afternoon for a couple hours which only allows for a few runs down the mountain, but that is just fine for me.  Besides the great price, Alta is set way up in the canyon and completely beautiful in the winter.
{The only lift available for the free ski is the one in the background behind the moose and her babies.}
So it is funny to me that I've never even questioned what this winter paradise might look like during other seasons.  I was looking at the mountain from a whole new perspective since my usual way of having fun at a ski resort is going down, not up.
We had been hiking for ten minutes or so when we came around a corner and the entire scene came alive with color. 
The sun was setting, casting great shadows and streams of light all over the place.  The flowers were all competing to be the prettiest thing ever.  There wasn't another human being in sight and there was a peaceful quiet to the place.  At one point I felt like I needed to see something ugly just to feel like I was still on earth.  I've never seen anything quite like a blanket of wildflowers in every direction.


  1. Wow. Gorgeous. I love that you saw a moose. Got to get up there!

  2. My best friend lives up there. Can you imagine. I have heard fabulous things about Albion Basin this time of year!

  3. ooooh lovely pictures Jenna--this is a "family favorite" hike for us too!!!. we like to do it in memory my nephew who passed away a few years ago.(one of his favorite places as well) We have never been disappointed--you do have to pinch yourself to wake up :) and now, thanks to you--we enjoyed it last ski season at the end of the day a few times :)

  4. oh jenna, it's gorgeous!!! i have been longing for wilderness like this lately. as much as i am in love with big city life, i definitely need my time in the great outdoors {i grew up in the mountains}.

  5. Alta is where Serge and I spent out honeymoon. It was July and no one was there.....AWESOME. Oh, and the flora and fauna were beautiful even, also.

  6. Brings tears to my eyes. I even inhaled deep, as I scrolled the pictures, just to see, incase, if I could in fact smell directly off the computer !
    Oh how I miss that beautiful place! (oh yes, dear friend, of corse you! )