inspired by: 3form's paper cut

this new product from 3form has me thinking about how fun it'd be to design a commercial space with something as cool as Paper Cut, a panel that would look great in a many applications.  I picture it in a school library, or maybe the reception area of a publishing house... I love the bold color and layered stripes.

The really great thing about Paper Cut?  It is made from old 3form product catalogs as part of their many efforts to be a sustainable company.
Way to go 3form!


  1. It's amazing what cool things people think of!

  2. Whoa! This popped up on my newsfeed and caught my eye. I think it's really cool! I might want to do something of the sort for my dorm room...thanks for the idea!


  3. that's an awesome idea! go 3form. and i love your idea for using it at a library or publishing house. yes yes!