distracted by great vintage style

 Leave it to me to be distracted by Hayley Atwell's great costumes in Captain America.  

I like Marvel action thrillers as much as the next girl, but I don't have a long attention span in the fighting scenes so I really appreciated the pretty costumes and cool 1940's details in this movie for zoning out purposes while the good guys fought off another yet another round of the bad guys.  

If I could have it my way there would be just the right amount of fighting {cut the usual dose in half}, add a bit more intelligent dialogue and unpredictable twists in the plot, keep the same sweet love story twisting through it all and there you have it - a toned down action thriller that I might want to see a second time.

Now to hit up the right vintage thrift store to find a belted high waist wool skirt like hers...


  1. I love the vintage style of this film. It makes me really want to see it now!


  2. And on you, long and lanky, a high-waisted woolen skirt would be fabulous. I wish that you were directing movies in Hollywood.

  3. that's my favorite era fashion-wise. i always tried to get my hair to look like they did it back then, but it never quite worked. i'm sure by now there tutorials out in the great interweb. and i often feel the same way about action flicks today. yeah, i get there need to be explosions, but can we get on with it please?

  4. Loved the styling in the movie!